Tom Dwan

The two durrrr challenges

As you may remember, the durrrr challenge is a bet by Tom Dwan who challenged any poker player to a 50,000 hands match playing four tables at once. The crazy thing about that bet is that Durrrr gave himselves very unfavorable odds: if he comes ahead, he gets $500,000 from the loser; but if he is defeated, he has to pay $1,500,000 in addition to the losses resulting from the games.

Tom Dwan's durrrr challenges never end.

So far two such durrrr challenges have got started but they seem to take forever to complete

Tom Dwan versus Patrik Antonius

This started over one year ago and no one knows if this will ever get completed. As Tom has a lead over 2 million dollars over Patrik, it seems that there is very little chance that Patrik Antonius wins this one. But they have not played for months, and the railbirds are getting frustated with the promises of action and a big prize, but nothing seems to be happening anymore

A lot of hype and no substance? Did Tom and Patrik make a secret aggrement to settle this challenge? This is a mystery. Undeterred by the drop in credibility that this could create, Tom Dwan started another durrrr challenge.

Will this one end one day?

Tom Dwan versus Dan 'Jungleman12' Cates

To the dismay of players following this match, this one also has reached a quasi-standstill. Note that Don Cates may not be a famous player yet, but he was the most profitable online player at Full Tilt in 2010 with a profit of $5.5 million. We see every year such players making multi million dollar profits, and they usually burst into flames not to be heard of again. With the durr challenge and his current lead, it seems Don Cates may have some staying power.

Yes he has the lead so far over Tom Dwan, with currently about a $582k advantage. But they have not played for a few weeks.

So Tom, please be a man of your words and complete these two durrrr challenges before you start a third one. Please!