Tom Dwan

Full Tilt Poker will reopen

At the time of writing we know for sure that Full Tilt Poker will reopen before the end of 2012.

Yes things have changed radically in the past few months and we can say chapeau to pokerstars for taking over FT.

Last year after Black Friday it seemed that pokerstars did not have many options after getting indicted by the US Department of Justice (DOJ). But one year later it now appears as if they turned the situation around.

First Pokerstars managed to survive nearly enscathed after their .com site was shut down by the DOJ. They regrouped on their non US traffic and quickly paid back all their US players (unlike Full Tilt). And they maintained their position as global leader of online poker (unlike Party Poker in 2005). As if this was not enough, next they make a 'coup' by buying Full Tilt.

The sum of Full Tilt and Pokerstars is excepted to be the dominant force in Web poker in the foreseeable future and it is hard to imagine how any other gaming operator could threaten this stronghold, even Zynga. Plus they got the guarantee that they will be allowed to reenter the US market once it becomes regulated, and this is the biggest market in the world (no other operator has such a guarantee).

Where will Tom Dwan go?

We do not know if pokerstars will decide to rehire their stable of online pro, starting with Tom Dwan. But then there is no reason why not! If they want to regain the past glory of FT, it seems necessary to include a few of their best pros, the ones who remainded clean from the scandal. And Tom is known to have been more of a victim with no wrong doing.

Full Tilt Bonus

Will there be a full tilt bonus in the future? Yes, of course, here again there is no reason why not, so keep posted for more fresh news about the FT saga.