Tom Dwan

Is it the end for Full Tilt Poker?

At this time we are not sure if Full Tilt Poker will ever be back on the Internet. The room has been offline for a long time, lost his gambling licenses and the US Government accusations are getting more and more serious. The early investors who considered buying the company will think twice now because of all the liabilities that new owners would have to face, including the mounting lawsuits by players and others.

Where will Tom Dwan go?

Sadly Tom Dwan has not been able to play online poker in the recent past as he lives in the USA and the DOJ has shut down online poker for now. And as his sponsor Full Tilt Poker is on the verge of bankrupcy, Tom may not only lose his job, but possibly also a large chunk of his bankroll which is in the millions of dollars. By the way the question was often asked if the durrrr challenges will ever finish. Now the answer seems a more and more certain 'no'.

Until recently Tom was a strong supporter of Full Tilt Poker, even taking large prop bets that they will be back online. Unfortunately he is almost certain to lose these bets, and worse he may not be able to pay if he does not get his money back from Full Tilt.

Yes this is a sad story but we should not worry too much for Tom Dwan. After all he has demonstrated that he has great talent at the game of poker, and he should transfer to another room such as pokerstars or party poker. Unless he lost his taste for the game which sometimes happen after such a monumental fiasco.

One thing is clear, the future will be interesting as the Full Tilt saga continues and new revelations are made about the dark side of online poker. But it will take a few years before the dust settles.

Full Tilt Bonus

Will there be such a thing as a full tilt bonus in the future? Yes, in the case of a nice scenario, one igaming company buys the software and reuse it somewhere else. That would be good to see, otherwise it is sad to see such an advanced piece of code completely disappear from the Web.