Tom Dwan

The durrrr challenge

Tom "durrrr" Dwan is certainly one of the most popular and famous of all online poker players.

Tom Dwan is famous for many reasons and one of them is the so-called durrrr challenge. In January 2009 Tom announced that he would compete with any player in the world in an online poker match of 50,000 hands played multi-tabling 4 tables at a time.

In case Tom Dwan won the most money, he would receive $500,000 from the loser. In case he lost, he would pay $1,500,000. On top of the profit/loss resulting from the match. Hmmm!!

Tom Dwan's durrrr challenge.

Statistically the excepted value of this bet is simply around -1 million dollars for Dwan. Because if we assume for a minute that all of the top pros who would engage in such a challenge are roughly of the same strength, than there is roughly a 50% change for anyone to win this, and by putting 1 million dollars on the table, Tom is simply giving this money away (statistically).

This was probably an act of bravado by an extraordinary player who is still young and does not necessarily measure the consequence of his actions. After all is Tom Dwan better than Phil Ivey? Phil said that Tom has a small disadvantage as he prefers to play only 2 tables. Maybe Tom Dwan is the best in 4-tabling high stakes heads-up games after all?

Only history will tell.

The durrrr challenge has been intensely covered by the poker press and just in term of its advertising value, it might be a very good deal for Tom's sponsor Full Tilt.

Tom Dwan versus Patrik Antonius

The challenge has been unfolding very slowly because it takes a lot of time to play so many hands and both competitors must find the time within their busy poker pro schedule. So far (as of May 2010) only one challenge has taken place between Tom and Patrik Antonius.

At the time of writing, 38,974 hands have been played in 62 sessions representing playing poker for more than 5 days and 4 hours. Tom Dwan leads Patrik by $1,844,430.

For a long time it seemed that the two players could not find a leader, and Tom Dwan was even the loser at some point during the first half of the hands. But Tom Dwan gathered steam during the second part, and he has progressively taken the lead.

With only 11,000 hands left to play, it is going to be very hard for Patrik Antonius to make a come back and he will have to take big risks also. This is will be the most interesting part of the challenge.

Next, other top poker players have accepted the Million dollar challenge, such as Phil Ivey and David Benyamine. This is guaranteed poker action for all poker railbirds. Thank you Tom.